Commercial Grade Shadecloth (325gsm/300cm wide)

Versatile general purpose commercial grade shade cloth.

Minimum order quantity is 3 mts.


Parasol is a commercial grade knitted shade cloth suitable for shade sail structures. It is manufactured using a combination of high-density monofilament and tape which offers a higher degree of protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, known to cause sunburn and skin cancers.

For ease of fabrication and improved performance, Parasol shade cloth has been ‘heat set’ before rolling, to improve lay flat characteristics and dimensional stability.


  • Versatile general purpose commercial grade shade cloth – 325gsm
  • Excellent value at 3.0m wide
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Unique colour options
  • Sold by the lineal metre (300cm wide roll)

Note: Material may be folded for transport/delivery purposes. Colour tint may differ slightly from product photo due to commercially acceptable dying variants between batches.